"The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step."


Global Transformation Strategist and Executive

Powerful lessons and people shape my professional experiences. I can formulate and execute global growth strategies that result in improved and sustainable business performance for an enterprise.  I’m adept at managing both bottom lines and top-line revenue streams. My focus on creating a corporate culture helps attract the best talent worldwide to produce exceptional results. Years of experience and team-building skills empower me to source the talent to meet established goals and objectives.

Servant Leader High Expectations Lead to High Performance

I’ve worked globally, leading, and supporting revenue and profit expansion into new markets and segments throughout my career. My experience of working on boards, drawing from my knowledge and experience, provides me with a unique perspective to help drive a company’s growth. I have demonstrated the ability to set a clear vision and catalyze collaboration. As viewed by many, I am a servant leader guided by equity and humility, always maintaining integrity, compassion, and strength where others falter.

I’m always on the lookout for new frontiers to cross and opportunities to discover. I would love to develop and manage that growing team. My experience provided me with a global perspective on doing business across many cultures and multiple geographies.

Global Experience, Cross-Cultural Competencies

My qualifications and professional expertise being broad, I’m ready to serve on a corporate board but I’m also looking to enhance my experience by working in a CEO/COO capacity in an entrepreneurial setting. There’s excitement and significant opportunities for growth and expansion in both.  My NFP experience serving on several board committees Executive, Finance, Governance, and Development has allowed me to contribute my professional skills, talents, and networks. My passion for building teams to move quickly, win and grow ahead of the competition comes to life in a variety of situations.

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Al B. Reid - High Achiever and Strategic Business Partner

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