Aarushi Kapoor

Brand Evangelist
"What's dangerous, is not to evolve."
Jeff Bezos


My focus now is building a career in branding, approaching it from a variety of communications disciplines and perspectives. I enjoy fast- paced corporate environments where I’m challenged with assignments where the business or marketing objective is clear but the method to achieve the objectives has to be defined and defended. I realize that I’m in a period of my life where things will evolve quickly. I love the quote by Jeff Bezos: “What’s dangerous, is not to evolve.”

As a Senior at George Washington University, I’ve benefitted greatly from being in a dynamic urban environment. I’ve majored in psychology and combined that with a minor in communications because I believe an understanding of psychology will provide a strong benefit on the way I approach branding issues and opportunities. Of course, without a solid grounding in the fundamentals of communications, the value of branding is lost. To get practical experience I’ve interned in public relations and was a research assistant for Dr. Stephen Dopkins, a well know cognitive neuroscientist professor.

My passions extend beyond school and branding. I’ve interned at the World Wildlife Fund where I produced videos for the WWF website. I presented visual and audio content in primary schools in India, encouraging wildlife preservation at the grassroots level. My fluency in both English and Hindi has been a great asset – an asset that I will use professionally and in my charitable work.

I love what I do and I’m anxious and ready to add new dimensions to both my career and charitable missions.

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